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If you’ve read larrypatten.com over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed I once posted weekly hospice-related essays.

I shifted those essays to a site that (hopefully) is easier to find and user-friendly for those seeking hospice information, questions, or just . . . wondering. Dying, death, and grief impact everyone, though they’re often never discussed until they can’t be avoided. I hope to provide insights on these “touchy” subjects . . . and to encourage at least a few people to openly talk and share.

Each week I’ll continue posting new “wonderings” at Hospice Matters based on my work in hospice. I hope it will be a helpful resource.

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  1. I finished the group for seniors 5/18/16. The last handouts were best. The items listed in the Darcie Sims article fits where I am exactly. It is under ; You are making progress when…
    I felt that way when the group began, six months after my loss. I thought I wasn’t
    normal. Thank you.

    1. Glad to hear, Diane! As with so many things in any support group, some of the hand-outs work for some, and have no impact on others. I’m glad the Darcie Sims material was helpful for you!!

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