My Foolish Journey

I am a writer. I am a fool. Don’t those two sentences have similar meanings? Putting the pen to blank paper or facing a blank screen is foolish. And then, what if the revised and revised and eventually completed story—flash fiction, short story, novella, screenplay, novel—is launched into ye olde cold, cruel world for readers […]

The Last Backpack?

  Was it my last backpack? Yes. No. Maybe. When reflecting on my hikes into the mountains, I confess to crafting them towards the dramatic. However, I mostly forgive myself for the forced metaphors, exaggerations, and romanticized tales. I do not lightly claim that many of the backpacks represented the best of my four decades […]

Why Hasn’t He Died Yet?

Far and away, the most comments at Hospice Matters were from those whose dying loved one didn’t die. They lingered. In 2016, I wrote Why Hasn’t He Died Yet? Responses from readers, many with heartfelt and anguished caregiving experiences, keep coming. That post, followed by a few sample comments, is posted here. Below is the […]

Come On In!

What did conservationist John Muir say? “John the Baptist was not more eager to get all of his fellow sinners into the Jordan River than I to baptize all of mine in the beauty of the mountains.”

Dad and Me: 10 Years Later

There is no known evidence of a Kodak moment to reinforce my mighty exploits. Whenever I’ve been asked about first childhood recollections, this is the one I confidently share.