Lent 3: Blessing God and God’s Blessing

Psalm 63*The Third Sunday of Lent – for Sunday, February 28, 2016

“So I will bless you as long as I’m alive . . .” (Psalm 63:4*)

blessingHaven’t I spent more of my life cursing rather than blessing God?

(Maybe not, but if God keeps score . . .)

Like too many, I brood about the worst of my life. During the intense, reflective time of Lent, why pat myself on the back for the swell stuff I’ve done when I can easily grovel in the bad of my past and dread the likely bad of my future?

Moses, near the end of Deuteronomy (and near the end of his days), famously challenged the people of Israel with,

I call heaven and earth as my witnesses against you right now: I have set life and death, blessing and curse before you. Now choose life—so that you and your descendants will live. – Deuteronomy 30:19

The old lawgiver and burning bush buddy of the Holy warned about the inevitable choices everyone faces.

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