I Have Never Suffered

It’s Lent. The second Sunday’s looming.

Let’s talk suffering.

And yet, how can I?

I am an American white guy, mid-sixties, with a swell pension plan, health insurance covered by my wife’s job, with access to Medicare on the horizon. I was raised by ridiculously loving parents, played in quiet, safe neighborhoods as a kid (and later as a teen), and have two remarkable sisters who still voluntarily talk with me and openly express love for me. I labored in my unremarkable career as a pastor in places where people handed over the keys to the buildings on the first day of work—they trusted me from the get-go! Those churches paid a way-below-average salary (compared to others of similar education, experience, and responsibility), but always gave me tons of freedom to hike the mountains, write in the early mornings, and to fiercely preach the “good news.”

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