Is Your Time Different Than Mine?

Isaiah 2:1-5  – First Sunday of Advent – for December 1, 2013

“The word that Isaiah, son Amoz, saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem…” (Isaiah 2:1)

sparksThe foolish dreamer.

The blind believer.

I’ve been called worse than those. I’ve heard the insults, jeers and taunts.

How is it some don’t want to be reminded of faith’s hard work? Why do we think things will get better if we do nothing? What makes so many blame neighbors, but never admit their own fears or failings?

I live in a time when people forget history and scoff at the future, when children are bartered and sold, women are abused and abandoned and the only God worshipped by all is gold.

I live in a place where people avoid certain sections of the city and erect huge walls around their own homes, where the foreigner is demeaned, the stranger is viewed with suspicion and those who speak differently are . . . damned as different.

I live when most of the news is about the war just fought and why we won, or the war soon to be started and how we can’t lose, when the news is controlled by the spiteful and powerful and any voice of truth is crushed or forced to bow to the gods of gold.

Is your time different than mine?

*         *         *

Soon after dawn, day after day, we all scurry into the streets. We have survived another night.

We kiss our children as they go to school.

We bake our bread, sell our wares and tend to our business.

“How is the weather?”

“Did you hear so-and-so is getting divorced?”

“I’m betting today is the day I win the lottery.”

Every day I hear the same chatter and patter; everyone talks, but so few say anything. Continue reading →