In Memory of Little Buddy

Moses and Hannah, best buds from day one…

Our cat Moses died, sometime in the early morning hours of February 17.

Less than a week before he was, as usual, scampering about the house, yard and neighborhood, master of his universe, equally obnoxious and precious.

Moses turned thirteen last fall. For spoiled, domestic cats, that’s not a long life span. Given his propensity to stroll across suburban streets and engage in territorial fights with rivals, my wife and I figured he wouldn’t survive two years. So, Moses was too young and surprisingly old.

By looks, Moses was sometimes identified by vapid humans as a member of the inferior Siamese breed. The dude was Tonkinese. He was given his Biblical name because we believed he’d lead his beleaguered fellow cats from their despair over living with a rambunctious golden retriever puppy to feline freedom. Moses failed. Instead, he and Hannah, the diva dog, became best buds on the first day they met, in our kitchen in December of 2000. This near immediate defection shifted the balance of pet power for the older and diminutive Jynx and the older and pear-shaped Madison. Continue reading →