No Miracle at the Mormon Church

Mormon Temple
Awe-inspiring skies over the Temple at my neighborhood Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

There was no miracle.

Years ago, soon after departing fulltime church work and its weekly sermonizing, meetings-in-the-evening, annual-reports-to-the-denomination obligations, I avoided getting hauled into the net of Mormonism.

I have my own private doubts about Biblical miracles. Sorry, it’s true. But as a Christian, I haven’t spent much time defending or denying that Jesus preformed miracles. I’m also not overly interested if Buddha or Krishna were involved with miracles. Regardless of which religion, please deliver me from explaining the—according to Mirriam-Webster’s 10th edition—“extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.”

However, I like that the word “miracle” is from the Latin, miraculum. A wonder, a marvel.

But Jesus walking on water? Water into wine? No, I’m too modern, too cynical, and too analytical to embrace miracles. I know that Jesus—like Muhammad after or all the Jewish Biblical prophets and priests before—lived in a time when miracles were part of daily life. Last month, my wall calendar noted a “total lunar eclipse” on the same Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. Many witnessed the moon’s “disappearance.” Once, it would have been a divine intervention, an omen, or a miracle. Instead, eclipses have become predictable and understandable events. They are on our calendars! Though we 21st century dwellers know less than we think, we do know the hows and whys for lots of stuff. Continue reading →