One Came Back

Luke 17:11-19  – The 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time – for October 13, 2013

“As he entered a village, ten lepers approached him…” (Luke 17:12)

Bumper sticker theology...
Bumper sticker theology…

“Never forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’”

I remember this as one of the earliest instructions from my parents. We practiced the words around the dinner table and were told to live them out in daily life.

“Pass the mashed potatoes,” I might’ve said.

“What did you say?” Mom asked.

“Please pass the mashed potatoes.”

Let’s say we were at my grandparents’ farm and I did half of the right thing and asked grandma to please pass her world’s-best fried okra to me. She did and I scooped it onto my plate and started eating . . .

“What do you say?” Dad asked.

“Thank you, Grandma.”

Please. Thank you. They are table lessons. Life lessons. They are easy to recall, and yet also easy to trivialize.

After all, appreciation can fit nicely on your average bumper. Let’s watch a few cars rumble by, with their stickers declaring a way of life . . .

Choose an attitude of gratitude.

Thanksgiving’s once a year; thanksliving is every day.

Learn to be grateful, not hateful.

Let’s say you’re desperate for a pithy quote about gratitude as you prepare to wow your Rotary Club with a before-dinner talk or to impress your high school speech teacher or you’re cobbling together a sermon late on Saturday night (or, gasp, early on Sunday morning). You, being a twenty-first century type, let Google do your cruising on ye olde web and within a few clicks you are rewarded with . . . Continue reading →