Are You Ready for Easter?

John 10:22-30 – The 4th Sunday of Easter – for Sunday, April 17, 2016.

“The Jewish opposition circled around him and asked, “How long will you test our patience? If you are the Christ, tell us plainly.” (John 10:24)

We all suffer the bunnies.
We all suffer the bunnies.

In the months before Easter, the bunny escapades unfold. We smile. We smirk. Believers or not, we all suffer the bunnies.

I shopped at my local grocer and there they were: on posters or candy wrappers, bunny paws pointing to overpriced chocolate treats, and bunny ears angled to tease the shopper into buying eggs.

Of course! Easter + Bunny = decorated egg. I get it.


A week or so before Easter, I placed my food items onto the checkout counter’s conveyor belt.

The clerk grinned and asked, “Are you ready for Easter?”

“I don’t think I ever am,” I replied.

“Yeah, I’ve gotten my chocolate bunnies and stuff to color the eggs. I’ll be ready.” She rang up my total, grinned again.

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