A Grave Question…?

I wonder…what’s the strangest thing that happened at (or heading to, or after) the funeral for you?

I remember one graveside service. Near the start of my ministry. The family wasn’t part of the congregation, but a mortuary called my congregation hoping to “find” a pastor (what luck, a pastor was nearby. Me!). Only a handful of family and friends were present. When I said the Lord’s Prayer, I invited “everyone” to join. Bad call. No one seemed to know the prayer. So, it was mostly my voice. Which means, when I forgot the words part way through, everyone heard my “mistake.” Oops. How could I blank on a prayer I’d memorized since being a Sunday school munchkin? But, somewhere around “on earth as it is in heaven,” I lost my daily bread way. I mumbled. I stumbled. And since that time, in every service I’ve ever done, I’ve kept a copy of the Lord’s Prayer handy.

Odd, that was also a service where, behind me as I walked away from the grave, I heard the deceased’s children, a brother and sister, bickering over the will. It was obvious they weren’t concerned about my mistake. O Lord, thy will be done?

What fun, unusual, perplexing, dangerous experiences have you had grave side?