Hooved Mysteries

Matthew 2:13-23  – The 1st Sunday following Christmas – for December 29, 2013

“When Herod died, an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared in a dream to Joseph…” (Matthew 2:19)

1985168_f520During a Wisconsin autumn evening years ago, my wife and I were returning to our borrowed-from-friends cottage when deer burst in front of the car.

It was dark; we were paralleling a river and the cold evening air mixed with the water to produce swirling fog.

First it was one deer, leaping across the road. I braked and went from slow to slower. Then two more burst from the gray-shrouded woods. Then another. Though not at a complete stop, a crawling baby would have moved faster that we were. We eased forward, holding our breath, the four deer now a memory of flashing legs and fog wisps. It was a moment when my rational brain knew what I had witnessed, but at the same time I had a “Was it real?” question swirling in my mind like the evening’s fog.

Then a fifth deer burst across. Then gone.

How much time had passed? Five seconds? Ten? Both of us, our car at a complete stop, stared through the windshield. Was it real?

I was remembering those Wisconsin deer because on my drive home last night I steered through numerous “herds” of deer. Continue reading →