Say Cheese

Matthew 25:31-46 – Last Sunday of Ordinary Time/Reign of Christ – for November 20, 2011

“…just as you did it to one of the least who are members of my family, you did it to me…” (Matthew 25:40)

Aren’t some people as gutless as a mid-1980s Yugo automobile and others as powerful as the newest Dodge Ram 2500 pickup? Some folks are blander than pre-sliced, processed American cheese compared to ones possessing the elegance and complexity of Humboldt fog.

Ah, a slice of Humboldt Fog (pic borrowed from

I cringe at Biblical passages identifying certain people as righteous and all the rest as . . . unrighteous. Such as: there are those who’ll sit at God’s benevolent right hand and those soon to cower from the threat of the Holy’s vengeful left hand. More: in the agrarian world of the Old and New Testaments, there are sheep to be revered and goats to be rejected. I usually cringe because I probably could identify which cloven-footed, ruminant creatures should be kept in the sheep’s pen versus ornery, unwanted goats . . . but I’m lousy at discerning good versus bad in my fellow homo sapiens.

Of course, why should I worry about judging my sheepish or goatly neighbor? That’s way above my pay grade. “When the Son of Man comes in his glory,” near the end-of-time, he will be the one who determines who goes where. So says Matthew 25. So says, in one form or another, a variety of passages in the Bible.

Followers of Jesus claimed him the Good Shepherd, not the Swell Goatherder; the Lamb of God, not the Kid of Yahweh.

Distinctions. Differences. You, me. Those, them.

Still, if I had to choose between the Yugo and the Dodge Ram, I’d always ask for the key to the goat-named pickup. How about you?

Don't you want to go out and buy a "classic" Yugo? (pic from

A few years ago I visited buddy Duane and spent a long day hiking trails near his Washington state home. That evening, he and his wife served hors d’oeuvres before dinner. Tired and sore, sharing the company of friends, I tasted my first morsel of Humboldt fog. Melt in your mouth cheese. Cheese with a smooth, creamy texture. As a child I hated cheese. Didn’t even like the commercial crap known as American cheese. As an adult, oh how I love Humboldt fog, an exquisite cheese made from . . . goat’s milk.

Since Duane’s appetizer, I can’t read any Biblical passage about “baaaad” goats and not think about Humboldt fog. Save the goats! Blessed are the cheesemakers!*

John Kennedy campaigned for the presidency when I was in elementary school. Until then, I didn’t know red-haired Mike, one of my bestest friends, was Roman Catholic. But other classmates knew he attended “mass” while they went to church. He had a priest (who wore a funny collar) and they had a pastor. Mike and his family thought God preferred Latin while everyone knew God only spoke good old English. Mike was harassed and taunted on the playground. He was a Pope lover and Kennedy follower.

Classmates picked fights with him. He struck back. Why is that? Continue reading →