Don’t Fence Me In

Pondering walls in the age of Trump is a fool’s quest. Foolish I am.

Since reading a letter-to-the-editor in my local paper, I can’t not respond. This was in the Fresno Bee’s March 11, 2019 edition:

“I’m wondering: Would all those who are so against a wall/fence of some kind on our southern border be willing to take down any wall/fence they may have around their own personal residence so that anyone could wander in ‘at will’ and do ‘whatever’ on their property — and ask to be fed, clothed, housed, and medicated by that home owner?

“Why should we do that with our country?”

This represents one of many letters (and blogs, tweets, videos, etc.) comparing a nation’s border to a fence around a personal residence. Does that analogy work for you?

It doesn’t for me.

*      *      *

As with most homes in my suburban neighborhood, I have a fence. In the twenty plus years I’ve lived on this property, I’ve repaired or replaced nearly every stretch of the fences shared with four different neighbors. While sturdy, and about six feet high, they do fall apart. Fences are relatively easy to build, but require periodic (and maybe pricey) maintenance.

And they don’t keep my neighbors out! Continue reading →