An Exciting Contest: A Free Book!?

Please note . . . by the end of Monday, June 2, the contest concluded. Five winners responded! Should I do this again?

I’m not much of a contest guy. Or a give-free-books-away guy.AnotherCompanion_500

But I want to try something with my new collection of essays: “Another Companion for the Journey.”

I want to “give away” 5 of my books*.

If you are one of the first 5 readers** to respond to this post by leaving a comment, you’ll receive a free paperback or Kindle-version copy of the book. (A suggested comment could be, “Larry, gimme that free book!”)

But there is, inevitably, A CATCH. I would like whomever “wins” to consider writing a review of the book at the Amazon page. Note how polite I was: I just want you to consider it!

If you do post a review, 1) be honest with your reaction and the number of stars you choose . . . and 2) make sure the review includes that you received a free copy from the incredibly generous, compassionate author (a.k.a. me).

By the way, if you’ve read “Another Companion” already, or are forced to buy it later (‘cuz you lost this riveting contest) I’d also appreciate it if you considered writing a review! Frankly, selfishly, reviews help potential sales.

I’m not begging. Just, aw shucks, shuffle my feet, asking . . . Continue reading →

Another Companion Is Bi-Available

In the last few days, the busy folks at Amazon have added the Kindle version of my “Another Companion” to the options. So, darn excited readers, you have choices!

The digital version on Kindle or a paperback.

If you want to hop over to the book’s home on Amazon, you can click here. I’ve also embedded links on this page, “over thar” on the left side of the website.

Buy early, buy often...
Buy early, buy often…

Happy reading. When you find mistakes in the text (you will), don’t hesitate to gleefully tell me.

If you want to write a review on the Amazon site, I’ll be mighty grateful.

Email me with comments and questions. I always enjoy dialog with readers.

And don’t hesitate to buy 10 or 15 copies for your friends and family. I’ve got a dog and cats to feed, ya know.