On Ruth, the Perfect Mother-in-Law

Yesterday, on Sunday January 21, 2018, Ruth Behrend died.

She was my mother-in-law. Jeanie’s Mom. She was, and I shall be completely forthright here, the best mother-in-law ever. Sorry, but however much you have loved and admired your mother-in-law, I got to have #1.

The picture above is from her and Wil’s wedding in June of 1950. The one below is from about a half-century later for their 5oth anniversary. Wil and Ruth are surrounded the most extraordinary gifts that they gave to the world: Char, Jim, Jeanie, and Dan . . . their kids . . . and their kids’ kids. Continue reading →

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Lament for Texas

Oh, I thought . . .

Another one.


20 killed. But that was changed.

More died, the next (and next) reports said*.


A church.

Which is different than Las Vegas.

Which is not.


The murderer of a child of 5 and a 70-something adult




Terrorist. (He didn’t have a funny last name, ya know.) Continue reading →

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Leaving the Lectionary

As of Pentecost (June 4, 2017), I will no longer write lectionary-inspired musings.

Since I typically post reflections on the Tuesday twelve days before the upcoming Sunday (which sounds a lot like how to find the date for Easter), my final essay will appear on May 23.

While I’m leaving the lectionary, I will continue writing on and about faith. More on that in a moment.

Back in 2007, when I wandered away from serving churches full-time, I kept my weekly habit of reading the lectionary to discern how it “spoke” to me. With a brew of pride, discipline, and humility, I hoped that whatever I digitally tossed onto the web might be useful for others on their Christian journeys.

Why a break-up with the weekly Biblical readings?

2017 is the fortieth year of my ordination in the United Methodist Church. 2017 is also when I turn 65. Indeed, the day after my final lectionary posting will be my birthday.

I want to try something, well, (slightly) different. Continue reading →

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