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good fridayI’m grateful for* . . . Good Friday. Because as a Christian, it’s a day that dares me to be honest with my faith. Please: no rabbits, eggs, chocolates or syrupy hymns. Please: no fancy language about atonement or how-God-works-in-mysterious-ways. Please: help me be reminded how we selfish, self-serving humans are so good (then and now) at building crosses and pounding nails. I don’t believe Jesus died for our sins or died to promote chocolate bunnies. Me, I believe Jesus died because humans nearly always resort to violence. We get rid of troublemakers. And Jesus, my faulty faith also believes, trusted God’s love even as everything—everything—fell apart . . . and even as he had no idea what would happen next. Sorry, on Good Friday, I get serious. I apologize. (Not really.)

What are you grateful for today?


*Normally, I post a daily “gratitude” on my Facebook page. Though this was what I first wrote when I considered what I was thankful for today, I just couldn’t upload it onto the silly, lovely digital village of Facebook. Decided to put my words somewhere . . . which meant here.

(By the way, I hope you have a miserable, truthful Good Friday.)

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  1. I watched just yesterday as that silly digital village of Facebook splite two close friends asunder over political comments that became too personal. After a long rant, one was unfriended and sent into the digital unknown. The jesting turned serious and you are right, violence of a sort was the result.

    Still, my belief is on sound footing and not so much what I have been told to believe while practicing man’s response to God, but what I have experienced while casting hope and faith in God.

    I think I will do the unthinkable and get involved in two old friends rift by reminding them of Mother Theresa’s “Forgive Them Anyway” sermonette.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Craig. Appreciate you reading my Good Friday “gratitude.”

      Trying the “unthinkable” with your friends sounds thoughtfully worthwhile. Unleash Mother Teresa on ’em!

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