Warning…Advent Detour

My “And Yet” musings about a lectionary passage are typically posted twelve days prior to the Sunday when the scripture is read for worship. I pretend this gives the two or three preachers enjoying my blog a chance to discard or include my sublime insights in their upcoming sermons, Bible studies and/or prayers.

This year, Advent starts on December 5, 2012

And thus, isn’t it time for me to become adventurous!?

Nope. Not this year.

This year I plan to ignore Advent and Christmas in my weekly faithful and foolish reflections. Although, ignore may be too harsh. Instead, I’ve decided to skirt Bethlehem and ponder Joseph and Mary and the other usual suspects from afar. I’ll intentionally be indirect, tangential and obscure.

Of course, some might ask, “And how is being ‘tangential’ different from what you do every other week?”

Excellent point, but I’ll ignore that too.

Why “skirt Bethlehem?” Frankly, I didn’t feel like trekking ye olde path to the manger. Didn’t want to cast my childhood Christmas memories upon you, my worthy and wise readers. Also didn’t want to explore old or new scholarly ponderings on Advent theology or Christmas mythology. You do that real well on your own, anyway!

So, each week I’ll take a word/phrase/notion from the lectionary passage that seems to inspire or intrigue me . . . but make no effort to connect the dots and thoughts to a traditional view of Advent and Christmas.

Nonetheless, I’m delusional enough to imagine a few of you desperately seek my faith-provoking insights for your seasonally correct homiletic endeavors. Ever generous, I have decided to revise my 2009* Advent/Christmas “And Yets,” and will post them in the week before the appropriate Sunday.

Thought I should warn you!!


*2009 and 2012 both use much of the same scripture for the Revised Common Lectionary Year C.  (If you don’t understand what that means, don’t fret about it!)

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  1. With the “Year C” and Lectionary comments, you are sounding dangerously Catholic in your planning. Looking forward to your And Yets. You do inspire me. Thanks.

    1. Anne…

      I’ll take that “dangerously Catholic” as a compliment!!

      At least I hope I’m a small “c” catholic…with a universal sense of faith. However, many folks in my tribe–the United Methodists–use the Revised Common Lectionary, along with a host of Lutherans, Congregationalists and others!

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