1. I see you made up for the cost of the cap by reducing your electricity usage. As supernumerous (or is that supernuminous) as angels may seem, a bit of reflection says that they are necessary to act as the go-between for the Lord and his rapscallion (sic…Sorry, I didn’t check that spelling) creations who (I wonder if he regrets it) he gave free reign over this planetary venue. At the very least, we need a class of personage into which the Almighty might disguise himself. We are far too urban to accept a divine visit by a bull or a lion. And, they are a good surrogate by which to fantasize divine attributes (generally with a distinctly Art Nouveau slant). After all, we needed to replace the muses, the graces, and the furies with something, not to mention the nymphs (dozens of different kinds) and satyrs.

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