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My video version of the Faith Mutters word wonders a bit about “Holy.” And several weeks into doing these videos I’m already thinking: is it time to get my hair cut? With this vast media exposure, I’m fretting about all kinds of new grooming pressures.

(If you need to see the video introduction for this exciting series of mutters about faith…try here.)


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  1. This will be an incredibly uninspired answer…but…it all depends on your context. If you are in a public setting, where others hear what you say, it is important that you use the words everyone else understands, such as the words in your version of the Bible or the Book of Common Prayer. If you are alone, there is a certain value to invention. All those words have to start somewhere. So, like a new pair of shoes, you don’t want to walk too far in those new shoes until you get them broken in and you are sure they fit your feet and you will have no trouble explaining why you are walking around in 6 inch ballet heels… and you are sure you will not fall over. Part of the genius of our Trinity is that it bridged the gap between the divine and the mundane with a person who spoke in simple language, had a simple name, and taught a simple lesson. The guy had some disturbing recommendations, but they didn’t include tying your legs into a pretzel or sweeping the floor with your forehead or wearing charm bracelets on your wrist. (This is a private communication, right!) ;-}

    1. Hey Bruce…Book of Common Prayer and 6-inch ballet heels in the same comment? I get mental whiplash just tying to keep the images in order!

  2. Hi Larry,
    Well muttered. My favourite word is ‘Gracious’, but I know there are times when I am just groping for the right word and can never quite find it. He is all and everything and above and beyond.
    And by the way, your hair looks fine. Start worrying about that and the next question is, ‘Do I need a face lift’. Beware, the media calling is a heavy price to pay.
    Thanks, man.

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