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  1. In a recent class, in response to the instrustor’s question about the origins of the Eucharist, I quipped that “Everyone’s got to eat.” He, with equal levity, said that the Eucharist was not for every time the apostles got around the table with their bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. But I was actually serious. In those days when people probably worked from dawn to dusk (which, by the way is even longer than from sun-up to sundown) the only time they got together for any reason was during the morning and evening meals. Thus, it made sense to turn the one time everyone was gathered together anyway into a communal celebration. Of course, the problem was, according to some non-Christian observers (I forget whom, probably some Roman letter-writing governor tattling to the Emperor) these gatherings sometimes got rowdy…. Just imagine a rowdy Eucharistic celebration for a moment… I think I feel a children’s sermon coming on… Bon Appetit.

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