Faith Mutters Visits YouTube

After getting a little feedback from Facebook friends (are they to really be trusted?), I decided to record “Faith Mutters” ala YouTube for a few months. I’ll do it weekly. But once posted, you can share your insights and dismay any time you want. Note: please ignore my eyebrows. One of my Facebookers already mentioned I talk too much with seesawing brows. I’ll work on it. (But now you’ll stare at ’em too.)

Why do this? Vanity? No, not with my unkempt hair and cheap production values. Humor? Well, maybe sometimes you’ll laugh with me…or at least laugh at me. Hey, I can’t dance, so why not try this foolishness?

I did have tough decisions.

Should I ask my dog to join me…after all, when I walk Hannah people always pay more attention to her than me. But, she declined. Said something about taking a nap.

Should I wear nice clothes, like one of those snazzy politicians-wear-‘em blue shirts with a power red tie? Naw…even if I wanted to, I can’t afford new clothes. I’m a pastor on leave-of-salary, ya know.

And how about that camera adding 10 pounds and gray hair? Shocked me! It might be hard to believe I look like George Clooney in person, but that’s the personal price of trying YouTube.

Here’s the “Introduction…”

Here’s my first official “Faith Mutters…”

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  1. Larry, Larry, Larry…

    3 When Judas, his betrayer, saw that Jesus was condemned, he repented and brought back the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders. (Matthew 27:3 NRSV)

    Needless to say, Mark and Luke agree. John was out having his Remington Manual typewriter cleaned when this scene played out.

    Looks great. Only suggestion I could think of to refine it would be to spend a day watching old Andy Rooney clips from 60 minutes. Too soon to revisit the topic now, but you may wish to discourse on “treasure” as a verb.

    Kindest regards…

    1. Bruce…again, you caught one of my (many, frequent, too often) mistakes. I think I corrected it. But I want to leave your comment to make sure I remember my blatant disregard for facts! Thanks!!

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