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Faith’s not rational. It’s not logical, predictable and definitely not practical.

Take Christmas. Was Jesus born in Bethlehem? Yes. No. Let’s ask someone from Nazareth. What’d Mark’s Gospel or Paul’s letters have to say about Jesus’ birth? Nothing. Spoil sports!

There’s little rational about the living out of faith or celebrating faith’s traditions. If we live out faith, how can any of us choose swords over plowshares? But we’re rational (and also have thin skins), and thus we too often hit back.

As we honestly celebrate Christmas, why do we make the manger so pleasant and inviting? Rationally speaking, it’s easier to explain to the kids. Realistically, a manger’s ambience would include the stench of fresh manure and has air conditioning based on opening or closing a door.

Love my neighbor? At least I don’t have to like ‘em. Turn the other cheek? The one near the nose . . . or the other ones south of the belt?

At its best and worst, there’s nothing rational about faith.

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  1. Was Moby Dick true? No. Of course not. It’s fiction. But am I going about with the kind of obsession which drove Captain Ahab. No. Of course not. Read Moby Dick and see what that gets you!

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