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Nudged is a swell word to describe the Holy’s wild and wily activities. I’ve heard of folks who’ve had divine, metaphoric lightning bolts strike them. Born again! they may declare. A call to ministry, for some, comes like the rumble of thunder. But most of what I cherish about God’s ways has trickled in, snuck around the corners of life, felt like the whisper of a whisper in the ear. A silence unfolds and I actually take time to listen. A stranger makes an unexpected comment and the words were exactly what I needed to hear. The perfect adjective plops unbidden into a sentence during a revision and instead of being the weary writer, I feel like a renewed reader.

Most of the time I only realize the subtle transformations when I look back. Holy spirit. Holy nudge.

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  1. Yes, and as long as a person keeps their senses open to the nudges, many more occur because they are intune with it..

  2. I’m in love with old words which suddenly discovered even older meanings. Take “beguine”. When I was very small, Cole Porter’s song “Begin the Beguine” was very popular. I think it was Bing Crosby who had it as a hit. Of course, its been done by every crooner under the sun since then. I never knew what “beguine” meant, but I recently discovered there was a major pietist movement in the 13th – 15th centuries called “beguine groups”. Now I get to have fellow students look at me funny when I ask instructers about “the beguine”.

    1. I suspect some people who’ll glance here will ask, “Who’s Cole Porter?” I do recall reading about the “bequine” movement…one of those things that drifted to the far corners of memory.

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