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You know what a conversion is . . . but do you? Yours is yours. Mine is mine. As a Methodista-type, I’ve often trumpeted John Wesley’s “strangely warmed heart.” What a conversion he had! Except he didn’t talk about it all that much, and other holy encounters may have been more important to him and his Christian faith.

And I think it’s interesting that years after his heartwarming, God-infused “moment,” the converted Wesley married a woman who eventually left him.  The founder of the Methodist movement apparently was a lousy husband.

Maybe a conversion experience and being a lousy husband are apples and orangutans, but it’s a reminder that we’re all flawed and should be careful about touting events like conversions, being born-again or that my way of faith is better than yours.

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  1. Larry,

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your thoughts, observations, musings, etc…. I will look forward to when I get to read your whole novel!

    THANKS for sharing,
    Kirsten Vercoe

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