Draining the Digital Moat

I am planning to remove the strangely named CAPTCHA feature on my blog.

CAPTCHA is what you confront before responding to my reflections. It’s a digital moat around my web castle. When I shifted to using WordPress for my blog, spammers assaulted my realm. They were evil invaders from the far reaches of the Internet, grimly focused on providing information about low interest rates, cheap vitamins I can’t live without and drugs to help a certain part of my body extend to stunning lengths. On one day, months ago, I had 70+ “comments.”

And so you, the innocent reader, needed to fill in an odd collection of letters before commenting. Who wants to do that? Hey, I don’t like to do it at other sites.

A book I’m reading about blogs recommended not using CAPTCHA. Be vigilant, she cautioned, but stay friendly and accessible. She had other suggestions I may try over the next weeks and months.

I enjoy your comments. I want our digital conversation to be easy.

Soon, I’ll drain the CAPTCHA moat. (Even now, I distantly hear spammers sharpening their weapons for the next battle…)

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  1. And so, a few days after this post, I did it. No more CAPTCHA. Simple sign-in. I have to be rigorous with monitoring posts, but I also want to reduce hoops and “tests” for readers.

    1. I’m replying to myself, but I am getting more spam…though the valiant Akismet firewall on WordPress seems to be working. One of the spam robots (or feeble-brained humans) included this line in their digital stab at my site: “I like this web site very much, Its a real nice berth to read and get information.” Ain’t it swell that my site’s a nice berth? I hardly ever use “berth” in my day-to-day writing/chatting. I think I’ll have to try…!

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