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The Bible is chock-full of people who claim to be in control. In charge. In command. And do stupid things.

Two examples. Both are no-brainers . . .

King David. And let me add one name to help explain that being “in control” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for King Royally Stupid: Bathsheba. With Bathsheba, we read of David’s control—which soon included those fine human qualities of lust, deceit and selfishness—and every one of us, whether royal or a royal pain in the rear, can understand control’s devastating costs.

The ever-popular Peter can be a fine second example. While Jesus is dragged from the courts to the cross, Mr. Upon-This-Rock-I-Will-Build-My-Church is asked if he knows that guy from Nazareth who’s in trouble. And Peter, very much in control of the moment, says, ” __________.” I know you can fill in the blank.

How thankful I am that the Bible, with David and Peter as too-easy examples, reveals that reeling out of control is often where God is finally felt. Both fellows, the aging slayer of Goliath and the crusty old fisherman, have their worst moments followed by some of their best . . . once they give up a little control. Thanks be to God!

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