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Musings* on Acts 2…

Proper definition: “It originated in the East in the 3rd century and is probably the Christianization of the Jewish Feast of Weeks, originally a thanksgiving for the wheat harvest but later linked to the giving of the ‘Tablets of the Law to Moses on Sinai’.” (from the Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend,” 1983)

Liturgical definition: “The Day of Pentecost is the fiftieth and last day of the Easter Season, when the Church received the gift of the Holy Spirit.” (from the United Methodist Book of Worship)

Or my confusing attempt at a definition: Lighted candles known as humans realized that speaking and hearing were of equal importance if the spirit were to be understood as The Spirit. There are, after all, as many languages as there are human beings. You may not think you know any Parthians or Pamphylians, but the very next person you encounter may need you to carefully listen to who he or she uniquely is. When you are in Pamphylia, you’re a Pamphlyian.


*For what it’s worth, I hope anyone preaching on Pentecost will honestly and humbly imagine you are speaking to residents of Joplin, Missouri (among other places). Wind as reality and wind as metaphor sometimes collide like an accident on the freeway…and the worst thing to do is ignore the damage and drive by.

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