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I refuse to look the word up in the dictionary. I think I know what Webster might suggest, though: happenstance, two or more unrelated events that take place together, a chance meeting or moment. You supply your own Webster-inspired definitions. You’ll do fine.

I searched for “coincidence” in my hoary, heavy Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance for the King James Version, which includes every word. “Coffin” is mentioned above where “coincidence” could’ve been listed . . . and there’s a singular use of “collar” below where it’s not. No “coincidence” in the KJV. I could search further in other translations, but it would weary me.

Maybe it’s only by happenstance that we bump into another’s life. Maybe bad news or a delightful gift arrives merely by chance. Maybe life is all fate and dumb luck. (“Luck” is also not in the Bible).

I don’t think God plans the details of our days. But I’m a joyous and naïve fool and believe God somehow lures us toward Good, even when Awful has decided to room with us. Or that God compels us toward the New, even when we, with knuckles turning white, grip the Past. Sorry, I don’t but much coin in coincidence.

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