O is for . . .


Sometimes, there are no words. Once I gave a “pitch”–a brief description like you’d find on a jacket flap–about my novel and the listener reacted with wide eyes and a loud, “Oohh!?” She was intrigued, obviously wanted to know more. It truly warmed my heart.

In the realm of faith, we search for the best word for how we believe, trust, and hope. But often no word is adequate.

In Biblical scholarship, zillions of words are written about single verses, comparisons between Gospels, and what the original Greek really, really, really meant. And we end up either adding to the confusion or, worse, far too confident that we have KNOWLEDGE. TRUTH. INFALLIBILITY. Blah-blah-blah . . .

I’m happy with “Oohh!?” Or a smile. Or shared laughter. Or an embrace.

Faith is frequently best understood when our words are tucked away.

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