Love, Illuminated . . . and Repeated

John 15:9-17 – The 6th Sunday of Easter – for Sunday, May 10, 2015

“This is my commandment: love each other just as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)

tumblr_lid1srrxXM1qi9c69o1_500There it was. Again.

That verse . . . This is my commandment: love each other just as I have loved you. It’s from John 15. Another variation of Jesus’ statement was made—in the same room, with the same disciples, in the same time frame—back in John’s chapter 13.

Regardless of where it’s found or repeated, I’m afraid of that simple, thirteen-words-in-English sentence.

Since seminary, and perhaps before, I’ve known the Greeks had at least four distinctive words for love . . . eros, philia, storge, and agape. Eros, the love that ranges from the lustful to the romantic. Philia is treating friends like a favorite brother or sister. Storge is linked to the life-long affection and connection within families. Then there’s the final understanding of love, which is the one I fear, which is the one Jesus frequently used. Continue reading →

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