Meet Lounging Larry

Wanna "watch" a movie with me? Pull up a comfy chair.

On an occasional basis, I’m gonna invite my alter ego, Lounging Larry, onto the webpage. That dude watches a lot of movies. Maybe he’ll appear weekly. Maybe he’ll take a long nap and not show up for a month. We’ll see!

I’ve loved movies ever since watching a professor’s collection of silent films during seminary. Yeah, my fellow students studied theodicy and Christology. Me, I sat in dark rooms and laughed with Buster Keaton and cried with Charlie Chaplin. That explains my educational limits.

All Lounging Larry reviews will be less than 200 words. It’s a self-imposed limit to curtail my brilliance and your boredom.

All reviews will include one or two questions with the thought that—maybe with a friend, maybe in a church group—you might use my film suggestions as a springboard for discussion.

I will only review films I enjoy. I won’t stick a thumb up or down. However, you may think my “good” film is a lousy waste of time. Your problem, not mine. Continue reading →

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Good Friday

Quote from my Kindle book...

Good Friday—thank God that we have the courage to place this date on the church schedule—calendars into our soul to remind us, to force us, to acknowledge that ALL we know, as mortals, ends. This is the truth . . . dirt will be shoveled into the earth’s gaping wound where your coffin will be lowered. This is the truth . . . someone you’ll never meet at the Social Security Administration tags your name, digitally shifting it from a file for the living to a file for the deceased. The dearly departed don’t complain.

We weep.

How dare we treat any day, any person, any moment casually.

Yes, of course we’ll continue to ignore people and opportunities. I know that. You know that. The mortgage must be paid. The boss makes demands. We should’ve taken a nap. The kid has to get to soccer practice. But on this day, which will mostly be like other days, claim Good Friday’s truth about forever.

God does promise to never stop loving us.

But we have lovers and children and strangers who cannot wait until tomorrow to hear how much we love them today.

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S is for . . .


You’ve probably heard the joke before about the “seven last words of” . . . no, not from Jesus, but of the church: We’ve never done it that way before. Often pastors cringe when laity balk at trying something new. And vice-versa! Few are willing to see the new, try the unfamiliar, risk the unknown. Alas, all of those notions—the new, the unfamiliar, the unknown—describe Jesus’ way and ministry. In the path of the Nazarene, there are no last words. Instead, there is seeing with open eyes; helping to heal others, even as we struggle with our own wounded hearts; and risking self for others.

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