On Hospice Matters

I have started a new website entitled Hospice Matters.

Since 2012, I have posted a weekly reflection about my hospice experiences on this site. As of today, most of the 120 or so hospice-influenced essays have been officially moved to Hospice Matters and deleted from here.

From what I’ve been told, it will likely be easier for someone to find my hospice thoughts on a blog more obviously related to hospice. I’m guessing not many folks are out there hunting on the web for “Larry Patten” as they seek hospice information. From the beginnings of sharing my questions and insights about hospice, I have hoped to be a friendly resource for those considering, or already involved in, hospice care.

So I hope a new website with an obvious name will be easier to find.


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American Sniper

American-Sniper_612x380I saw “American Sniper” today.

It’s not as good as some critics have proclaimed, and not as bad as detractors have warned. Clint Eastwood has made better films. His “Unforgiven” is a classic, with a taut story exploring and exposing human frailties. Other directors have made superior modern combat movies, like Ridley Scott’s “Black Hawk Down.” With similar disparate settings—the battlefield and the home front—“Hurt Locker” remains the best post-September 11 effort and deserved its Oscar.

Both sides now . . . Continue reading →

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AnotherCompanion_250It’s a deal . . . but not quite a steal! (After all, you’ll have to part with a few hard-earned pennies.)

Between Monday, December 22 and Monday, December 29, my two books are on sale at Amazon.

The Kindle editions are only—wait, wait99 cents!

This is a good chance to check them out. Especially with Lent coming up (yikes, Lent is barely six weeks away), these books can be a part of your personal Lenten discipline of reading or be the (nearly*) perfect choice for a study group.

Yup, less than a buck and you can get . . .



Thanks for your future reading!


*I’m humble enough to know that no book (not even mine) is perfect, but I’m also confident enough to believe that both of these books can be faithful “companions” during a season like Lent.

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