Among the Chosen

Once, not so long ago, the Feds got me.

Was I in shackles, accused of poor writing? Nope. Was it for that little IRS slight-of-hand a few years back? Wrong again (and tell the IRS I’m only kidding). Alas, it’s mundane. I had been summoned for jury duty. Federal Court. The Eastern District in California. Whoa.

Federal Court is different from my local Superior Court. Instead of having a citizen “on the hook” for one week or one trial, the Feds nab you for an entire month. If you are selected for duty and serve on a jury, you’re done. But if you are not selected, the Feds are like a bad habit . . . they keep coming back. Do they want me this week? Or next? Or next?

A month can seem like a long time.

The other thing that can seem like a long time is camping in the jury room lounge, trapped with other Eastern District denizens while watching the exciting (not) and emotionally riveting (not) “Federal Jury Video.” Bring on the popcorn.

Fifteen minutes can seem like a month. Continue reading →

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Let Your (Our) Light Shine

Whether it’s Benjamin Franklin’s kite or Thomas Edison throwing a switch, electricity is strange, powerful stuff.

Doctors have those white lab coats. Knowledge.

Clergy (once, sometimes even me) wear stoles or clerical collars. Authority.

Judges don black robes. Power.

Doctors. Clergy. Judges. What other uniforms are worn? Of course, the military. Sports teams. How ‘bout the guy from Lowe’s?

I watched him walk toward me while waiting at the Customer Service counter. I knew the fellow approaching me was a manager. How did I know? He wore a Lowe’s uniform, an orange vest. And the vest, even in the distance, had lots of doodads attached to it. I didn’t doubt for a moment that he was the manager sent to deal with me.

A while back, I visited Lowe’s with a receipt in hand and a phone message from Friendly Frank. Continue reading →

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Job Meets Pheidippides

In the book of Job God gave Satan permission to test a blameless and upright man.

Do you agree or disagree with the statement above? Does it poorly describe or adequately summarize Job? Is it helpful or confusing?

My summary could be shorter and seriously longer. There’s always an editorial path to brevity, to carving away another word. Conversely, the book of Job spans forty-two chapters and more information begs to be added about the upright man’s talkative friends, endless miseries, and divine questions. I’m sure others could easily improve my attempt.

And yet my first curiosity remains. Where does your pondering about Job, God, Satan, and testing lead you? Continue reading →

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