Lament for Texas

Oh, I thought . . .

Another one.


20 killed. But that was changed.

More died, the next (and next) reports said*.


A church.

Which is different than Las Vegas.

Which is not.


The murderer of a child of 5 and a 70-something adult




Terrorist. (He didn’t have a funny last name, ya know.) Continue reading →

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

My wife frequently warns me to be careful with what I say. She knows me better than anyone and I really should heed her wisdom.

I really should.

I’ll say something humorous. No one laughs.

I’ll write a cute e-mail. No equally cute reply is sent.

I’ll cleverly comment about an event. Silence ensues.

My so-called funny bone can be dry, obscure, arcane, and opaque. Okay, also misguided. So, whenever I’ve mentioned to people (now, or in the past) that I really don’t like weddings, I was being funny. Glib! Light-hearted!

And, with my wife’s cautionary voice echoing in the recesses of my gray matter, I should attempt to explain my not-funny reasons for any weddings woes. Continue reading →

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A Life Defined by Failure and Misstakes

Failure has seven letters; one for each of my literary rejections.

During the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission to the moon in 1970, Flight Director Gene Kranz famously announced, “Failure is not an option.”

Don’t we like to wish it never is?

And yet failure has been my companion. Failure has defined and refined my life and faith.

I am divorced. Personal failure.

I never found a publisher for the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh novels I have written*. Failure has seven letters; one for each of my literary rejections.

I was forced from a job by a fellow pastor who casually and cunningly lied about my situation. Professional failure. Continue reading →

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